Sunday, August 9, 2009

You Tube

is becoming an increasingly popular educational tool used to hook and engage learners in relation to the topic they may be currently studying. It is a website which allows registered users to upload and share videos while unregistered users are permitted to view these videos (Wikipedia, 2008). This website is an important social aspect within todays internet culture and is regularly accessed and used within different environments.
While searching through the many different videos located on the You tube and Teacher tube I came across some snippets of the documentary "Supersize Me" I thought that this particular snippet where they are conducting an experiment on take away foods would've been a great clip to show to the students while discussing healthy eating and packaging. It would of been a great discussion starter on what foods are good for you, how long it takes for these foods to break down (maybe they could start their own experiment), why people choose these foods (linking into packaging) and how can we make healthier choices (linking into the food pyramid).

According to Oliver (as cited in Australian University Teaching Committee, 1999) the use of technologies within a learning experience places a major emphasis on the learning design through the incorporation of the resources and teacher support. The use of the YouTube video "supersize me experiment" gives the educator a resource to compliment the learning design through its use as a brainstorming starter and reference point to enhance a key message about healthy eating. According to Gardner (as cited in Warner & Thoron, n.d.) the use of this technology within the learning design cross cuts the intelligences through giving students the opportunities to participate within group work, creative work, audio learning and kinesthetic learning through the creation of activities supporting the use of the video aid.


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  1. Hi Amanda,

    I most certainly agree with you in terms of applying Oliver's ICT Learning Design theory and YouTube clips to classroom practice. It is one thing to use a YouTube clip in your pedagogy however, it is imperative that you use this clip to scaffold and support your learning task so that it reaps the most effective learner outcomes.