Friday, August 14, 2009

INCOMPETECH.....Music on the web!

Downloading music becomes a hassle this day and age due to the current copyrights that are in place. This can prove to be difficult for schools and teachers to use current music, video materials for learning experiences and school performances. Incompetech provides users with a royalty free music library where users can download and use music pieces for free (Incompetech, n.d.). This royalty free music is licensed under the Creative Commons Agreement which allows cover for individuals to download music from this site (Incompetech, n.d.). They offer a variety of music for individuals to download and to use whether it be for schools, film makers or for your enjoyment.

While exploring this site I decided to download a piece of music called "Sunshine." This piece of music was beautiful and relaxing and made me feel like I wanted to just lie out on the grass and watch the clouds slowly drift across the sky. So I thought that this would link in perfectly with a current grade 6's project where they are currently creating a healthy yummy biscuit to sell at the tuckshop, they are to create a package to sell it in. The use of this web tool could be incorporated within an extension project where students can create an advertisement for their biscuit. The use of this music would be used to depict a feeling to relate to the biscuit they have made to try and sell it to the judges. I mean who wouldn't want to just lie on the grass watching the clouds while eating a yummy and nutritious biscuit?

Incompetech could be effectively be introduced within the classroom and could be used in several different instances e.g. have calming and relaxing music playing after the lunch break to relax the children (great for lower grades!), can be used effectively in school presentations and performances as well as music lessons.


Incompetech. (n.d.). Music FAQ. Retrieved August 18, 2009, from


  1. Hi Amanda,

    I like your idea of using music in the classroom as relaxation. It would definitely be effective in assisting to calm students before going into a task that requires maximum concentration!


  2. Hey Amanda,

    I agree with Hannah I think this is a great idea. I have incorporated this into my class already (LM already uses this strategy), it is such a good strategy for a class that really takes a while to settle into class work after lunch or HPE etc.

    I also had a thought with using relaxing music in reflective writing. It could help some students reflect on what they have just learnt so they can go on to write about it. I know I write better once I have thought about what needs to be covered.

    This might work for the students as well.