Friday, August 14, 2009

File Storage....the new USB!

This effective and easy way to store and share your files is a fantastic place to go if like myself you experience computer problems each and everyday! There have been many times my computer has decided to crash only days before an assignment has been due and I have lost count of the times I have had to rewrite important documents and assignments! MediaFire is the online program to go to create a file storage, as it enables you to store all your files in a secure online environment while allowing you to distribute and share these documents with various people without slowing down your internet or clogging up your email systems (MediaFire, 2009).

Creating an account was easy to do (probably one of the easiest places to sign up and navigate around by far) and allowed me to upload some templates and information in which I find useful and use on a daily basis. While on prac I have created several lessons and decided to share some of the lesson resources in which I have used during a mathematics lesson. These documents are 'shopping' activity cards which hold addition and subtraction word problems. These were used as a group rotation activity in conjunction with a shopping activity where students were in pairs and took on the role of a 'customer' and a 'register operator.' Each student was given a job to do and steps to follow to complete the activity (in our REAL life shop!). The students LOVED both these activities and worked for over an hour (a record for maths lessons!) without even complaining!

This program allowed me to upload these documents and easily send them to my mentor teacher without having the issue of my email slowing down the computer and clogging up my inbox. This is a great source to use for students within the classroom as well. These files can be shared anywhere with anyone and can be embedded within classroom webpages, blogs and wikis. These documents can take the role in limiting paper and photocopying expenses and wastage through supplying these online for the students to access and download. This can be effectively used as a learning resource and support tool for students when it comes to final exams or assessment pieces. Therefore underpinning Olivers ICT frameworks (as cited in Australian Universities Teaching Committee, 2003) of learner support and resources as it guides the learner through their learning journey while providing the appropriate resources and support needed to succeed.

Here are the links to my files below! These were created for a year six class and yes I know there is a mistake in two as my students kindly pointed out to me :) ! Sorry didn't have time to fix it! See if you can find them!


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  1. Hello Amanda,
    I think this is a great tool also. Resources can be shared with other students and learning managers. You have written a great blog!

  2. Thanks Natalie,

    It is a great tool and definately helps in keeping the fear of losing your work at bay! As future educators this would be a fantastic way to share classroom ideas, worksheets and even class updates and newsletters! It can be used diversely not only to make our lives easier but can also contribute to enhancing the students knowledge and skills.

  3. Hey Amanda,
    Great work I love how you have stated wonderful ideas to save paper with the use of this program. I know especially throughout my time at university I have used alot of paper and using this wonderful program will help me reduce that problem.